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WordPress Events Calendar Plugin H2 Bug

I just installed WP Events Calendar (6.6-beta) for the first time and installed the large calendar on a page. For some reason, the Month of the Calendar was an and I couldn’t find the “Previous Month” and “Next Month” buttons. That is because there is an <H2> before the table that houses the months… You […]

JQuery ThickBox Gallery Images Not Working

Today was my first time using Thickbox, and I’m pretty satisfied. It’s got all the features I was looking for, namely “pop-in” images, iframes and galleries. I didn’t really like how you had to add a querystring for the Thickbox iframes (I would prefer to use the rel attribute), but it still works fine. Gallery […]

Redirecting Page Extensions with htaccess

If you are not familiar with htaccess, you are missing out. It is one of the greatest things about linux/php hosting. One little file that gives you a wide range of control. Here is one of the most useful parts of htaccess: Redirecting Many Pages From .html to .php (or “/”) at Once Today, I […]

Google Adwords PPC Bids to be #1?

Note from 2022: Google Adwords had gone through a number of changes since this trick was posted. There are better tools available to do this now. – Ashton This is a great trick to find out the exact price people are bidding to be #1-3 at Google Adwords PPC. Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) is […]

Free Vector RSS Icon – Fireworks PhotoShop Adobe Illustrator

I recreated the normal RSS icon as a vector image, and thought I’d make it available for free (and store it for the next time I need it). Having the vector images make it so much easier to tweak colors and size. Download Free RSS Icons Here are three file types of a large RSS […]

What CMS Fits Your Website Needs?

This is a question I’ve been asking for a few years. Recently, I’ve heard a lot about WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, but it’s practically impossible to find someone who knows all three and is unbiased enough to tell you the pros and cons of each. Through Montana Programmers, I’ve been able to find a very […]

Dreamweaver: Disable Searching for New and Changed Files

I use Adobe Dreamweaver 8, and every time I go to design or develop a large website (where I have a large number of files on my local server), I get a little pop up dialog saying: Opening Site Searching for new and changed files. You can safely stop this if you have not […]

Twitter Plugins for WordPress

Twitter Plugins for WordPress

EDIT: Ashton from the Future here. This post is now dated. Please check out our latest posts. I just searched the WordPress Plugins section for “twitter” and I got 17 pages of plugins and most of them are crap… ugh. All I want is a Twitter Plugin that will: Send a tweet to my twitter […]

Useful MSSQL Queries and Statements

Although I primarily use MySQL on linux servers, I’ve had a couple clients using MSSQL databases for all sorts of things from email marketing to order tracking. For these clients, I use Microsoft SQL Sever Management Studio Express and have saved many of the MSSQL queries I’ve had to create. Some of these will work […]