Movie Review: The Protector

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Synopsis: Asian kid grows up with his father raising elephants. Elephants get stolen. Asian kid kills a lot of bad guys in computer game format. Asian kid gets one elephant back, because the other was killed and skeletonized. But that’s okay because the elephant bones helped to beat the final bosses.

Pros: This Asian kid is really good at beating up bad guys. Very unique bad guys; like the “extremely large guy,” “The Cool Punk” and “The Crooked Cop.” The unique bad guys use very innovative weapons; like iridescent light bulbs and large dirt clods that look like statues.

Cons: The movie wasn’t long enough.

Plot Twists Include:
The Cool Kid’s gang is full of acrobatic, light-bulb-swinging punks who are good at street sports.
Crooked Cop is on the same team as the evil woman.
The elephant is dead.

But Seriously: Don’t watch it for the story line. Very entertaining if you like fight scenes and some amazing acrobatics. Good movie for a dumb date or very very late at night.

-Good Times,
-Ashton Sanders

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