Rascal Flatts Vs. Garth Brooks

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Disclaimer: I am a huge country music fan, and I love both of these artists. I have bough all of the CD’s from both of them and I recommend both.

I just went to my first live concert, and I went to see Rascal Flatts in Washington. I got to stand right in front of the stage!!! (See Rascal Flatts Concert!) The next day, I start watching the Garth Brooks Live DVD (one from 1995 or sometime very long ago), and being the analytical guy I am, I started analyzing all the differences. Here’s what I came up with:

1. How they perform:

***** Garth Brooks is really there performing and giving all he’s got to make his performance entertaining. He’s always running around and acting out the songs that he sings. He got down on his knees multiple times. After the third song, he was sweating up a storm.

* Â Â Rascal Flatts doesn’t even compare. I think one guy ran once the entire show. Gary kept taking breaks and going backstage, leaving his other band members to perform. He acted link he was sick. (maybe he was…) Overall, there wasn’t a lot of excitement from the band members in comparison.

2. Why They Perform:

***** Garth Brooks is on stage to entertain his guests. Everyone in the audience paid good money to come and see him, and hes going to give them their money’s worth. Hes always very exciting to watch, cause you never know what hes going to do next.

** Â Â Rascal Flatts seemed to be performing, because the had to. They barely ever look at any particular fans, or give it their all. They were fun to watch, but not when compared to Garth.

3. Stage Presence:

***** Garth Brooks has very good stage presence. Also his entire band had very good stage presence. They were comfortable on stage, and because of that, we’re very entertaining to watch.

****Â Rascal Flatts had great stage presence. The three of them were very comfortable on stage, but they did have one young kid for a guitarist who had no stage presence. I don’t know how he got on the stage, but he never smiled, and they had him do a guitar solo, and he looked awkward as nuts. He was a good musician though.

4. Talking during the Concert:

***** Garth Brooks almost never talked, and when he did, he said what he had to say as fast as possible. After one song, he said like two sentences in 10 seconds and then said: “You didn’t wait all this time to hear me talk, lets get back to the music.”

** Â Â Each member of Rascal Flatts had like 3 minute soliloquies….


***** Garth Brooks (10 years ago) Had the stage surrounded by fire, rain, thunder and Lightning in the show I watched. Very entertaining. And on the encore, he was lifted up into the air and flew around the football stadium on wires!

***** Rascal Flatts had some amazing affects! Besides making a globe out of digital screens around them and having parts of their music videos playing while they sang, they had a stage that fanned out into the audience, which was a cool idea. And the coolest thing they did was they all got on one part of their stage, and then they were lifted up into the air and moved to the other end of the arena. They were set down, they played a couple songs, and then came back. It was awesome!


Garth wins. =]

-Ashton Sanders

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