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As his students like to call him, the Millionaire Patriot, Dr. Ignatius Piazza is the founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. He has taken Front Sight a long way from where it started; a Two Day Defensive Handgun Course on leased facilities near Bakersfield, California in April 1996.

Probably the most amazing part of this story, and equally unknown, is that within one year of starting Front Sight, Ignatius Piazza surpassed all of the firearms training acadmies/institutes in America that had creaetd the entire gun training industry 25 years before he entered it.

Another notable accomplishment that is probably even more unknown is that the Millionaire Patriot, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, with his amazing firearms training curriculum, seasoned and professional firearms training instructional staff, and world class 550 acre gun training facility, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has DOUBLED the number of students trained every year since it was created 12 years earlier. Ignatius Piazza has said in a recent newsletter that Front Sight looks to be on the way to doing it again this year!

The point of all these amazing accomplishments, is to prove that what Dr. Ignatius Piazza does with his proven and successful strategy to positively change the image of gun ownership and restore the second Amendment by providing firearms training to private citizens that exceed the levels found in law enforcement and the military but without any bootcamp mentality or drill instructor attitudes is WORKING!

If Front Sight keeps growing in students and members at the current rate and continues to expand its curriculum, course offerings, and instruction staff, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute will easily surpass the National Rifle Association in membverships/students in only a couple more years. Remember that if you double a penny every day for 30 days, you wind up with more than $10 Million dollars at the end of that month!

As the Millionaire Patiot, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, continues to steer Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in the right direction, doubling its firearms training influence every year, the image of gun ownership can positively change and the 2nd Amendment can be restored in our lifetimes to the gun owning freedom our forefathers fought and died to provide us.

To see how Millionaire Patriot, Dr. Ignatius Piazza and amazingly dedicated Front Sight Firearms Training Institute staff are really making a profound and positive difference in the image of firearms training, gun ownership and the responsible use of firearms, you must watch Dr. Piazza's award winning Front Sight Story, Chapter One: your Legacy DVD. It is free, so order yours today by clicking on this link:

Front SightIgnatius Piazza's Training

Front Sight Firearms Training Instructors

Dr. Ignatius Piazza, when he created Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, worked towards creating the premiere firearms training institute in the world. He had the goal to create a place for people to learn what firearms were all about. He knew that in order to develop Front Sight Firearms Training Institutes reputation as the "best firearms training in the gun industry" it must all start with the Front Sight Instuctors and the training the provide. The Instructors would have to be the absolute best, with no questions or reservations, firearms training instructors in the world.

So Ignatius Piazza worked and created the Front Sight Firearms Instructor Development Program with the sole purpose to train any law abiding gun owner into a top notch Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Instructor.

Ignatius Piazza created a list of qualities that he knew would have to be present in a gun training instructor if he wanted to be the best of hte best. He put together this list as a requirement for anyone who wanted to become a firearms training insturctor at Front Sight.

Here is the list of qualities that Ignatius Piazza created as requirements if you wanted to enter the Front Sight Firearms Instructor Development Program:

Philosophy of a Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Instructor :

1- The ability to perform on demand, exactly, what you are teaching to the students.

2- A strong desire and ability to impart your knowledge and expertise to the students

3- Voice, posture, vocabulary, and appearance that secures the students' respect for your position as their instructor.

4- High moral and ethical character which leaves you behaving appropriately on and off the range.

5- A memory that allows you to always remember what it is like to be a student.

6- The integrity to teach your course exactly as it is outlined in Front Sight`s curriculum with no alteration to the instructional doctrine.

I will note that there is no mention of previous firearms or gun training required to become a Front Sight Instructor as the Millionaire Patriot, Ignatius Piazza has found that if you have the above qualities, Front Sight can easily train you to be an extraordinary firearms training instructor. You don't even have to own a firearm to start training as an firearms training instructor.

If you doubt this at all, I (and I'm sure Ignatius Piazza) dare you to talk with any of the tens of thousands of Front Sight students who have taken classes with Front Sight and rave about the Front Sight Firearms Training Instructors.

Of course, if you already have firearms training with law enforcement, military, or professional instruction that will help in your Front Sight firearms training instructor development, but it definitely is not required. If you would like more information on what it takes to become a Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Firearms Instructor see the Four Day Firearms Training Instructor Development Course on the Front Sight website.